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In this new year, PEPS is beginning a weekly feature exclusively about Code films. That way, our readers will have a clear contrast to the films we breen every week in our Breening Thursdays series. This new series is called 52 Code Films. Unlike the breening articles, which are always published on Thursday, 52 Code Films articles will be published at anytime during each week. However, one will definitely be published per week.

Like many classic film fans, I often am struck by the huge amount of wonderful movies I haven’t seen yet. There are so many movies from the Breen Era with favorite actors that I haven’t watched. With over 17,000 Seals of Approval having been issued by the PCA during Joe Breen’s tenure, it would be almost impossible to see all of them in one’s lifetime. However, one can try to make an effort to frequently find new classics, which might become new favorites.

To expand my horizons in terms of Code films, I am challenging myself this new year. Every week, I will watch a Code film which I have never seen before. Then, some time during that week, I will write an article about it. That way, I will watch and review 52 previously unseen Breen Era films during this new year. I invite my readers to join me in this challenge!

If you want to join 52 Code Films, just post this banner on your website, link to this article, and start watching and reviewing! If you aren’t able to join during the first week of January, that’s fine. You can join any time during the year! If you are unable to commit to the challenge for the whole year, you could try it for just a month or two. You could commit to the watching without writing a whole article about each film you see. You could just publish an overview of all the films you watch each month. No matter how you decide to join, carefully observe the dates of the new films you see. Only American-made films from the Greater Breen Era (1934-1954) qualify. Be wary of films from 1934. Only those released in or after July were approved by the PCA. Those which were released before July are considered pre-Code films, so they don’t count. After all, the point of the challenge is to discover new Code films, so the dates are important.

Every time I publish an article in this series, I will include the link to it in this article. Keep checking back here to see the complete roster of the films I am watching and reviewing! In each article, I will include a brief plot of the film, the cast, the movie’s Code classification, my thoughts on recommendation, and my general opinion of it. I can’t wait to watch and review some wonderful new movies!

My 52 Film Reviews

Image result for since you went away 1944

Week 1: Since You Went Away from 1944

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in The Barkleys of Broadway (1949)

Week 2: The Barkleys of Broadway from 1949

Image result for and so they were married 1936

Week 3: And So They Were Married from 1936

Image result for something in the wind 1947 poster

Week 4: Something in the Wind from 1947

Guest in the House (1944)

Week 5: Guest in the House from 1944

Related image

Week 6: Can’t Help Singing from 1944

Image result for Lady on a Train 1945

Week 7: Lady on a Train from 1945

Related image

Week 8: Three Coins in the Fountain from 1954

Image result for Casanova Brown 1944

Week 9: Casanova Brown from 1944

Image result for Three Husbands 1950

Week 10: Three Husbands from 1950

Image result for random harvest 1942

Week 11: Random Harvest from 1942

Related image

Week 12: Royal Wedding from 1951

Related image

Week 13: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty from 1947

Image result for a song to remember 1945

Week 14: A Song to Remember from 1945

Image result for Winged Victory 1944

Week 15: Winged Victory from 1944

Related image

Week 16: Double Dynamite from 1951

Image result for Wedding Present 1936 poster

Week 17: Wedding Present from 1936

Image result for they were expendable 1945

Week 18: They Were Expendable from 1945

Image result for she married her boss 1935

Week 19: She Married Her Boss from 1935

Image result for young man with a horn 1950

Week 20: Young Man with a Horn from 1950

Image result for salome where she danced (1945)

Week 21: Salome, Where She Danced from 1945

Image result for For Me and My Gal 1942

Week 22: For Me and My Gal from 1942

Image result for No Time for Comedy 1940

Week 23: No Time for Comedy from 1940

Image result for Double Wedding 1937

Week 24: Double Wedding from 1937

Image result for Wonder Man 1945

Week 25: Wonder Man from 1945

Image result for Santa Fe Trail (1940)

Week 26: The Santa Fe Trail from 1940

See the source image

Week 27: The World Moves On from 1934

Image result for A Star is Born 1937

Week 28: A Star is Born from 1937

Image result for colonel effingham's raid (1946)

Week 29: Colonel Effingham’s Raid from 1946

Related image

Week 30: The Dark Mirror from 1946

Image result for The More The Merrier 1943

Week 31: The More The Merrier from 1943

Image result for Meet the Stewarts 1942

Week 32: Meet the Stewarts from 1942

Image result for after the thin man 1936

Week 33: After the Thin Man from 1936

Image result for Brigadoon 1954

Week 34: Brigadoon from 1954

Image result for Destination Tokyo 1943

Week 35: Destination Tokyo from 1944

Image result for the heiress 1949

Week 36: The Heiress from 1949

Image result for Nothing Sacred 1937

Week 37: Nothing Sacred from 1937

Image result for A Star is Born 1954

Week 38: A Star is Born from 1954

Image result for The Spanish Main 1945

Week 39: The Spanish Main from 1945

Related image

Week 40: All This, and Heaven Too from 1940

Image result for the african queen 1951

Week 41: The African Queen from 1951

Image result for Another Thin Man 1939

Week 42: Another Thin Man from 1939

Image result for It's a Wonderful World 1939

Week 43: It’s a Wonderful World from 1939

Image result for cover girl 1944

Week 44: Cover Girl from 1944

Image result for key largo 1948

Week 45: Key Largo from 1948

Image result for Dark Victory 1939 poster

Week 46: Dark Victory from 1939

Image result for Du Barry Was a Lady 1943

Week 47: Du Barry Was a Lady from 1943

Image result for Mr, Belvedere Goes to College 1949

Week 48: Mr. Belvedere Goes to College from 1949

Related image

Week 49: A Christmas Carol from 1939

Danny Kaye, Constance Dowling, Dinah Shore, and The Goldwyn Girls in Up in Arms (1944)

Week 50: Up in Arms from 1944

Image result for Ziegfeld Follies 1945

Week 51: Ziegfeld Follies from 1945

Image result for Swing Time 1936

Week 52: Swing Time from 1936

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Only the Code can make the sun rise on a new day of pure entertainment!


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