The 4th Annual Great Breening Blogathon is Here!

Ladies and gentlemen, The 4th Annual Great Breening Blogathon has arrived! Every October, PEPS dedicates a blogathon to Joseph I. Breen, the head of the Production Code Administration (PCA) from 1934 to 1954. This is the fourth year that we have hosted this blogathon around October 14, which is Joe Breen’s birthday. This year, he would have been 132!

Most blogathons about Hollywood individuals are dedicated to famous film actors. A few are dedicated to prolific directors. Joseph Breen was neither a famous actor, director, producer, nor mogul, but he made a bigger contribution to the motion picture industry than any other individual. Few people recognize his name today. Unfortunately, most people who do associate it with negative words like censor, bluenose, anti-Semite, and bigot. However, these are part of a very false depiction of this man. In reality, he was an openminded, conscientious family man who guarded American morals, especially of the young, through his careful self-regulation of films. To counteract the negative, false image of him which has become accepted in recent decades, we host this annual blogathon in his honor.

During our annual Great Breening Blogathon, we invite our fellow bloggers to try their hand at “breening,” the unique process which the PCA used to make films comply with the Motion Picture Production Code. This verb was coined by Variety, since no other word accurately describes this process. We replicate this process post-production by saying how un-Code films would have been made differently if they had been breened. Even if only a few other writers join us during this event, it is a great chance to study and celebrate Joseph Breen’s life and work!

The Joseph Breen Appreciation Society | pure entertainment preservation  society
Joseph Breen and the PCA, 1934

Happy Birthday, Mr. Breen!

The Roster So Far:


All For One, One For All

Rebecca Deniston of Taking Up Room Breens The Three Musketeers (1993)

Movie Review: Clue (1985)

MovieCritic of Movies Meet Their Match Breens Clue (1985)

The Invisible Man (1933 film) - Wikipedia

“The Invisible Man” from 1933 for “The 4th Annual Great Breening Blogathon”

Rebekah Brannan of PEPS Breens The Invisible Man (1933)

Oliver Twist (1948 film) - Wikipedia

The Offenses of Oliver

Tiffany Brannan of PEPS Breens Oliver Twist (1948)

Take 3: Day for Night Review + 250 Follower Thank You

Sally Silverscreen of 18 Cinema Lane Reviews Day for Night (1973)

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A Tribute to Joseph I. Breen, “A Remarkable Man, Splendid Citizen, and Grand Boss”

Tiffany Brannan of PEPS Writes a Birthday Tribute to Joseph Breen

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8 thoughts on “The 4th Annual Great Breening Blogathon is Here!

  1. My review and breening of Clue (1985) is up! Thanks for hosting this again! I had a fun challenge just like last year.

    MovieCritic | Movies Meet Their Match

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