Announcing The Fredric March Blogathon!

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde | film by Mamoulian [1931] | Britannica
Fredric March in his Academy Award winning performance from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931)

“Free at last!”

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to announce our next blogathon, The Fredric March Blogathon! Throughout 2021, we have been hosting one blogathon per month. At the beginning of the year, we planned to honor classic actor Fredric March in the month of his birth, August. Thus, we will finish the month with a celebration of his magnificent career.

The Best Years of Our Lives, in an apartment |
Fredric March won his second Academy Award for The Best Years of Our Lives (1946)

On August 31, 2021, Fredric March would have been 124 years old! In honor of this occasion, we are hosting our blogathon on August 29-31. Claude Rains is the only other individual actor whom we have honored with a blogathon. We’re now proud to add the two-time Oscar winner to our list of blogathon topics, if a person can be a topic. If this blogathon is successful, we may make it an annual event!

A Star Is Born, Fredric March, 1937 Photograph by Everett
Fredric March in A Star is Born (1937)

Are you interested in joining this event? It’s simple! Just leave a comment with your proposed topic or topics. First, let’s review a few rules:

  1. All participating articles must be primarily about Fredric March’s life or career. You may review one of his films, write an overview of his filmography, or analyze some other aspect of his life.
  2. As usual, we are putting no limit on duplicates, since we believe everyone has a unique viewpoint.
  3. When writing your articles, please keep your language Code-compliant so that everyone can enjoy them.
  4. You may contribute as many separate articles to the blogathon as you like.
  5. All blogathon entries must include a link to this announcement or the blogathon’s page, plus one of the posters.
  6. Please post your entry before or during the blogathon’s three days. If you need to publish late, please let us know, and we’ll help!
  7. If you don’t have a blog or website but would like to participate, leave us a comment saying so! We’re happy to publish guest articles on our website.
  8. Please use the posters to spread the word about this blogathon!

Below are the beautiful posters Rebekah made for this blogathon! Aren’t they lovely?

Please join us!

Fredric March - Anna Karenina 1935 | Fredric March as Count … | Flickr
Fredric March in Anna Karenina (1935)

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19 thoughts on “Announcing The Fredric March Blogathon!

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  7. Hey there, unfortunately I won’t be able to participate, though I am undoubtedly an appreciator of Fredric March. I just wrapped up a ridiculously busy summer and need some chill time. I plan on participating next time, though, for sure!


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