Places! The Third Annual Claude Rains Blogathon is Here!

Take Your Seats, Ladies and Gentlemen! The Third Annual Claude Rains Blogathon is beginning today!

Claude Rains - Turner Classic Movies

In honor of Claude Rains’s 131st birthday, which would have been November 10, we are honoring this great actor’s talent for three days, November 9-11. This is our third year celebrating one of Hollywood’s few A-list supporting actors, who was as famous for his thousand faces as for his velvety voice.

Claude Rains - Wikipedia
Claude Rains, World War I.

As in the first year we hosted this blogathon, one of the dates happens to be Veterans’ Day, formerly known as Armistice Day because it is the anniversary of the end of World War I. This is a convenient coincidence, since Claude Rains was a World War I veteran. His distinct voice and droopy eye were characteristics he acquired from a gas attack during his service. Thus, this is also a good opportunity to honor one of the many classic actors who risked his life during the Great War.

Claude Rains - Rotten Tomatoes
Claude Rains in The Invisible Man (1933), impatient to receive more blogathon entries.

Please link your contributions to this post during the three days. We look forward to reading all your tributes.

mr skeffington | Tumblr

Happy Birthday, Claude!

Claude Rains as Prince John in The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) presides over the activities.

The Roster So Far

Thanks A Lot, Claude Rains – Ruth of Silver Screenings


Claude Rains in The Invisible Man – Kevin Maher of Top 10 Film Lists

Sealed Cargo – Rob of MovieRob

#Noirvember: Robert Mitchum and Faith Domergue are on the run- ‘Where Danger Lives’ (John Farrow, 1950) – Virginie Pronovost of The Wonderful World of Cinema

Movie Review: Lawrence of Arabia (1962) – MovieCritic of Movies Meet Their Match

Notorious – Kristen Winiarski of KN Winiarski Writes

Claude Rains, Ann Todd, and Trevor Howard in “The Passionate Friends” (1949) – Carissa (Regency Woman) of Musings of an Introvert

The Third Annual Claude Rains Blogathon – The Man Who Watched Trains Go By (1952) – Rob of MovieRob

Take 3: Angel on My Shoulder Review – Sally Silverscreen of 18 Cinema Lane Posterazzi Four Daughters Lola Claude Rains Priscilla Rosemary  Lane Gale Page 1938 Photo Poster Print, (14 x 11), Varies: Posters & Prints

Four Daughters from 1938; A Musical Father – Tiffany Brannan of PEPS

THE THIRD ANNUAL CLAUDE RAINS BLOGATHON: Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Diamond Necklace, 1959 – Patricia Nolan-Hall of Caftan Woman

A HUMAN VILLAIN: CLAUDE RAINS IN MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON (1939) – Megan Chappie of The Pen and the Cross

Vive La France – Rebecca Deniston of Taking Up Room

The Third Annual Claude Rains Blogathon – Forever and a Day (1943) – Rob of MovieRob

Claude Rains Blogathon- “The Adventures of Robin Hood” (1938) – Kayla of Whimsically Classic

Idealism, Pragmatism, and the Relevance of 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington' |  IndieWire

Claude Rains in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” from 1939 – Rebekah Brannan of PEPS

An odious Claude Rains in ‘Sealed Cargo’ (1951) – Erica D. of Poppity Talks Classic Film

Thank you, all! Mr Skeffington Claude Rains 1944 Photo Print (8 x 10): Posters  & Prints

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  5. My post on Lawrence of Arabia (1962) is up! Thanks for hosting and giving me the opportunity. I’m glad that I could join this year!

    MovieCritic | Movies Meet Their Match

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