The Fredric March Blogathon is Here!

Ladies and gentlemen, The Fredric March Blogathon is here! Fredric March in The Best Years of Our Lives To end our August celebration, #AMonthWithoutTheCode2021, we are hosting our August blogathon, The Fredric March Blogathon! There are so many amazing actors from the Golden Era of Hollywood that one can never run out of stars to … Continue reading The Fredric March Blogathon is Here!

Announcing The Fredric March Blogathon!

Fredric March in his Academy Award winning performance from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931) "Free at last!" Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to announce our next blogathon, The Fredric March Blogathon! Throughout 2021, we have been hosting one blogathon per month. At the beginning of the year, we planned to honor classic actor Fredric … Continue reading Announcing The Fredric March Blogathon!

#AMonthWithoutTheCode2021 is Here!

It is now August, so #AMonthWithoutTheCode2021 is here! As night follows the day, #AMonthWithoutTheCode inevitably follows #CleanMovieMonth. As you might guess after #CleanMovieMonth2021, we are calling this year’s edition #AMonthWithoutTheCode2021. In case you need refreshment on what #AMonthWithoutTheCode is, allow me to remind you or, for our newcomers, inform you for the first time. #CleanMovieMonth … Continue reading #AMonthWithoutTheCode2021 is Here!