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This is the hub of the fledgling movement for pure and decent entertainment in America, started by the Brannan family. This movement aims to regenerate decency in society by bringing back production codes for the entertainment industries. The scope includes all forms of entertainment, both popular ones, such as television and movies, and classical ones, such as opera and ballet.

The Clean Movie Movement is composed of three organizations, the Pure Entertainment Preservation Society, the L. A. Soprani Sisters, and the yet-to-be-launched Legion of Scriveners for Reform.


The Pure Entertainment Preservation Society (PEPS) is an organization dedicated to reforming the arts in America. It is the foundation organization of the whole movement. It was founded on October 17, 2016, by Tiffany and Rebekah Brannan, then fifteen and twelve. This organization is interested in four main fields, represented by the images in its logo: film, classical music, particularly opera, ballet, and theatre. We believe that all the arts in America and the world have been decaying in recent years. Our organization’s central belief is that the replacement of the Motion Picture Production Code with the Classification and Rating Administration in 1968 led to the decay of society and all the arts. PEPS’s main goal is to reinstall the Code, regenerate Hollywood, and return the other arts to their pure states.

Save the arts in America!

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LA Soprani Sisters logo

The L. A. Soprani Sisters is a singing duo started by the Brannan sisters on May 15, 2018. L. A. stands for Lost Art, what we are trying to bring back, as well as Los Angeles, where we are trying to bring it back. This is a sister organization to PEPS. We have the same goals, but we sing to share them with people, since we are both classically-trained opera singers. We perform concerts of classical songs which represent concepts, themes, or movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Our programs tell the story of the Code and its influence on Hollywood through our songs, Tiffany’s narratives, and accompanying slides. Click here to go to our website, where you can learn more about us, see pictures of us, read about our programs, watch and hear videos of us, and hire us for your event!

We are lifting our voices in classical song to help the sun rise on a new day of pure entertainment!

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Legion of Scriveners Logo

The Legion of Scriveners for Reform is the third organization in the Clean Movie Movement. We are working on launching this newest endeavor. It will be a group of concerned citizens who write letters to influential people about important issues in our society. More information will follow when it is officially launched.

You know the power of one good letter?

The Clean Movie Movement is symbolized by the morning sun, since its motto is: Only the Code can make the sun rise on a new day of pure entertainment. Its colors are light blue and bright yellow, the colors of the sky at dawn. You can use these colors to support the movement.

LA Soprani Sisters 1

We are the Tiffany and Rebekah Brannan, L. A. Soprani Sisters, the primary authors of this website’s articles, and we ask you to become supporters of the Clean Movie Movement today!

News from the Clean Movie Movement

Large Association of Movie Blogs

The Large Association of Movie Blogs (LAMB) features a poll to choose the Movie of the Month every month. For April, which is film franchise month, we suggested the Dr. Kildare series, which includes nine films made between 1938 and 1942. Dr. Kildare is now competing with seven other franchises to be Movie of the Month in April. If our suggestion wins, we will be on the podcast (or LAMBCast) about the film, and everyone will write about this great medical series! This would bring a lot of attention to a great, underrated series which starred two excellent principle actors, Lew Ayres and Lionel Barrymore, plus a multitude of marvelous guest stars. It would also bring a lot of publicity to PEPS. If you are a fan of this charming medical series, visit the poll here and vote for Dr. Kildare! We really appreciate it.

What the Code Means to Me (1)

In 2019, we are beginning a new series, What the Code Means to Me. It will be a monthly series of guest articles. Every month, a different blogger will write an article about his thoughts and opinions on the Code or one of its aspects. It is a good chance for us to compare our opinions on this unique aspect of film history. Visit the page to sign up to be a participant yourself!

The Breen Letters

We recently started a new, on-going series here at PEPS, The Breen Letters. This is a series of very special articles. They are special and unique because they are not written by us, and you can’t find them anywhere else. These articles are written by the real descendants of Joseph I. Breen. We have been able to connect with many of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Many of them have shared information with us. Some of them have agreed to write letters about their ancestor. These letters include intimate, personal family information which is distinct and rare. We are providing this for you for historical research, but mostly to show the real and wonderful man behind the Code, Joe Breen. Keep checking this for more articles from Breen family members!

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In 2019, we are featuring a special series, 52 Code Films. Every week, I am going to watch at least one Breen Era film which I have never seen before and write an article about it. In each article, I will mention the film’s plot, cast, production notes, and Code classification, as well as my opinions about it. I am encouraging other film-lovers to join the challenge and discover new Code films for themselves. Be sure to visit the afore-mentioned article every week to see my latest articles in the series!


Be sure to visit our website every Thursday to read our weekly Breening Thursday articles. On Thursdays, we publish articles in which we explain how films made outside of the American Breen Era (1934-1954) could have been completely Code-compliant. By imitating the Production Code Administration’s process of self-regulation, which hope to show how breening improves films.

You can support PEPS financially by buying some products we recommend on Amazon! Every time you follow the link and buy the recommended product, we get a commission. 

For anyone who is interested in learning more about the Code and its primary enforcer, Joseph I. Breen, I highly recommend Thomas Doherty’s biography about Mr. Breen. It is a well-researched history which is unique as the only real biography about the great self-regulator. The picture links to the page for a new hardcover book. You can buy a paperback here (Hollywood’s Censor: Joseph I. Breen and the Production Code Administration) or purchase it on Kindle here (Hollywood’s Censor: Joseph I. Breen and the Production Code Administration).

This book is a real insider’s look at the Production Code Administration. Written in 1970 by Jack A. Vizzard, one of the most prominent members of the PCA, it was the first book to explain the workings of the Code and its enforcers. The language is quite coarse, but no other book reveals so much about what really happened during and after Joe Breen’s time. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants the “inside scoop.”

This book is a great history of pre-Code Hollywood. It was written by Mark A. Vieira, a glamour photographer and historian who brought a unique and truly remarkable degree of accuracy to his text by painstakingly locating and interviewing Jack Vizzard in his last years. His informative text is accompanied by beautifully-restored photographs from dozens of iconic pre-Code films. This is a lovely coffee table book. 

Martin J. Quigley and the Glory Days of American Film

This book, of which there is no image available, is a detailed and loving biography about Martin J. Quigley, written by his son Martin S. Quigley. It provides a unique look at the life of one of the authors of and primary powers behind the Code and the decent film movement of the 1930s. This book features some excellent pictures of Mr. Quigley, his family, and the other gentlemen of the Code.

This is the autobiography of the other author of the Code, Father Daniel A. Lord. This talented Missouri priest was a very diverse gentleman. His numerous accomplishments included authoring children’s books, writing Catholic periodicals, penning plays, composing music, and working as a technical advisor on a Cecil B. DeMille film. This is a reasonably-priced, fascinating book about his life in his own words.

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We are lifting our voices in classical song to help the sun rise on a new day of pure entertainment!

You know the power of one good letter?