Five minutes, everybody! The curtain’s going up on the “Claude Rains Blogathon!”


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Often we’d secretly like to do the very things we discipline ourselves against. Isn’t that true? Well, here in the movies I can be as mean, as wicked as I want to – and all without hurting anybody. Look at that lovely girl I’ve just shot! – Claude Rains

When you hear the name Claude Rains, what comes to your mind? A famous voice, a chilling laugh, a pair of slightly wandering but piercing eyes, a thick head of curly brown hair? Whatever this famous name means to you, be sure to read on and see how I, Rebekah Brannan from the Pure Entertainment Preservation Society (PEPS), am honoring this wonderful actor of the Golden Era on his 129th birthday!

On November 9-11, the three days surrounding Claude Rains’s birthday, PEPS will be hosting a blogathon to celebrate this brilliant star of the Silver Cinema. We acknowledge that the day following his birthday is Veteran’s Day, which celebrates the end of World War I, and we consider this very apropos, since he served dutifully in the Great War, sustaining permanent injury to his eyes and vocal chords due to a gas attack. We respectfully submit this blogathon as an honor to this man as both a great actor and a heroic soldier.

The Rules:

  1. I am putting no limitations on duplicates. Although Mr. Rains did make a great many films in his long career, there are a select few that are particularly famous and beloved, which I’m sure several people will want to review.
  2. Although Mr. Rains did do a good deal of work in the media of stage, radio, and television, I wish to limit this blogathon to his film career, since PEPS predominately celebrates the cinema during the Golden Era.
  3. Because PEPS’s main goal is to celebrate and spread the word about the Code and the wonderful films it produced, we ask that you please keep all articles Code-compliant, even when discussing a film which is not.

Here are the banners for the “Claude Rains Blogathon,” all of which feature a photograph from a film in which Mr. Rains played the title character. Please select one and include it in your article. Please use these banners to advertise the blogathon on your website!

The Claude Rains Blogathon (1)

This banner features the last shot from Claude Rains’s first film, The Invisible Man (1933); this is the only shot in the entire film where he is seen.

The Claude Rains Blogathon (3)

This banner features a shot from the film Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941); it is from the scene in which the angel, Mr. Jordan (Claude Rains), tells Joe Pendleton (Robert Montgomery) that he must leave the body of Bruce Farnsworth.

The Claude Rains Blogathon

This banner features a shot from the film Phantom of the Opera (1943); it is from the film’s climax, shortly before Christine DuBois (Susanna Foster) removes his mask, revealing his acid-scarred face.

The Claude Rains Blogathon (2)

This banner features a shot from Mr. Skeffington (1944); it is from the scene on a ferryboat after Fanny Trellis (Bette Davis) and Job Skeffington (Claude Rains) have gotten married.

The Claude Rains Blogathon (4)

This banner features a shot from the British film Caesar and Cleopatra (1945); in this scene, Caesar (Claude Rains) prays to a sphynx, shortly before meeting Cleopatra (Vivien Leigh).

Roster of Participants

  1. Rebekah Brannan of The Pure Entertainment Preservation Society – Phantom of the Opera from 1943
  2. Tiffany Brannan of The Pure Entertainment Preservation Society – Mr. Skeffington from 1944
  3. Jenni of Portraits by Jenni – To Be Announced
  4. Ruth Kerr of Silver Screenings – The Invisible Man from 1933
  5. Phyllis of Phyllis Loves Classic Movies – To Be Announced
  6. Rebecca Deniston of Taking Up RoomHere Comes Mr. Jordan from 1941
  7. Eva Schon of Coffee, Classics, & Craziness – The Adventures of Robin Hood from 1938
  8. Winthrop J. Quiggy of Midnite Drive-In – Battle of the Worlds from 1961
  9. Crystal Kalyana of In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood – Claude Rains’s Collaborations with Bette Davis

Please help us to make this blogathon a success by joining and displaying one of our banners on your website to advertise it! Also, don’t forget to join and advertise the Second Annual Great Breening Blogathon, which is coming up soon, on October 12-17!

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18 thoughts on “Five minutes, everybody! The curtain’s going up on the “Claude Rains Blogathon!”

  1. This feels like a really beautiful Blogathon, that too on Claude Rains. I would love to take part in. But I’ve been very sick this month, I still am. So it’s hard to say anything at the moment. Closer to the date I shall let you know, if am well enough, to work on something.
    Your sister, Tiffany, sent me this link.
    Am hosting a Bloagathon this month (though not taking part in it). If you can join, it would be lovely!! More the merrier. You are welcome to do as many posts as you like, so long as it’s within this month.
    Specific dates for the Blogathon are 20th – 22nd, but you are welcome to do posts till the 31st.
    Tiffany will be working on Joseph Breen.
    Nuwan Sen

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. You picked a popular weekend for this one…; Four other blogathons and I’m committed to all of them. But I can squeeze you in if you let me post on early the 7th. I don’t like posting two reviews on the same day if I can avoid it, although I can WRITE two (or more) the same day… In my vast library of cheesy drive-in fare I have an Italian movie in which Rains was a part. “Battle of the Worlds” from 1961. (Italian title translates as “Planet of Extinct Men”)

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I am really busy, especially during NaNoWriMo (which is in November) but Claude Rains is such a great actor that I can’t resist participating. I’d like to write about his role as Prince John in The Adventures of Robin Hood.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Eva,

      Thank you so much for joining! We are honored to have you. We’ll put you down on the roster for “The Adventures of Robin Hood.” We look forward to reading your article. Good luck with your other endeavors.

      Yours Hopefully,

      Tiffany Brannan


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