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Sensible Cinderella: Kitty Foyle (1940) – dreaminginthebalcony

Like Ginger Rogers as Kitty Foyle (1944), I’m just a girl with a typewriter.

On October 15, my first article was published in The Epoch Times, which is the fastest growing independent news media in America. Since then, I have had nine articles published in print as well as online by this publication. However, I only posted links to the first two articles here. I am going to take this opportunity to post a list of my Epoch Times articles so that any of my interested followers from the website can see how the PEPS message is being spread through this influential publication.

The Key to the Golden Era of Hollywood

October 16, 2019 – My first article was published in the East Coast print edition from New York City and Washington D. C. in October. In it, I described the basic history of the Code and how it influenced the Golden Era of Hollywood. I simply suggested the idea of replacing the Rating System with the Code.

“Joker”: No Laughing Matter

October 26, 2019 – In this article, I discussed the fear of violence surround the recently released backstory of the famous Batman nemesis, Joker. I compared this Warner Bros. film with pre-Code Warner Bros. gangster films, which similarly caused fear of inciting violence. I suggested that films like this reveals the morbid nature of post-Code society.

Popcorn & Inspiration: “Key Largo” from 1948

November 23, 2019 – My first film review in the series Popcorn & Inspiration, which is about “Films Which Inspire the Soul.” I described how this movie shows a man who must risk himself to be a hero during a perilous situation, when he must fight for what he believes.

Popcorn & Inspiration: “Remember the Night” from 1940: A Little-Known, Worthy Christmas Movie

December 16, 2019 – During Christmastime, I reviewed one of my favorite classic Christmas films for the Popcorn & Inspiration series. I described how this movie shows how one’s upbringing effects a person’s whole life and how love makes the difference.

1939-2019: 80 Years After Hollywood’s Golden Year

January 12, 2020 – In this article, I analyzed why 1939 was Hollywood’s Golden Era and compared its top films to the top movies from 2019. The two years are similar, since both produced many blockbusters, but the difference is that modern films like Code decency.

The 1954 Academy Awards: New Technology and Old Standards

February 5, 2020 – In honor of the upcoming 92nd Academy Awards, I wrote about a climactic past Oscars ceremony, the 26th Oscars, which honored films from 1953. In addition to being the first televised ceremony, this year was notable because it was the year that Joseph Breen received an Academy Honorary Award.

Popcorn & Inspiration: “Maytime” from 1937: Sweethearts for a Day

February 19, 2020 – In honor of Valentine’s Day, I reviewed one of my favorite classic romances. I explained how Maytime is a perfect film for February, the month of love, since this beautiful musical is all about sweethearts.

Popcorn & Inspiration: “A Letter to Three Wives” from 1949: Remembering Kirk Douglas

February 27, 2020 – In honor of Kirk Douglas’s death in February, I reviewed one of my favorite of his early films, A Letter to Three Wives. This film shows the importance of understanding and patience in marriage and how each relationship is different. It also features a great and unusually sensitive role for Kirk Douglas.

Popcorn & Inspiration: “Going My Way” from 1944: Faith from the Emerald Isle

March 14, 2020 – In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I wrote about a film which features Irish character, Irish actors, and Irish faith, Going My Way from 1944. With three types of music, a charming story, and good values, this movie shows the best things about the Irish, mainly their fun and their faith.

In addition, I have been writing for Shine On Hollywood Magazine since September. This free online magazine promotes positivity in the entertainment industry by avoiding gossip, politics, and religion. My writing has been featured in the last two issues. You can see the links to those issues of the magazine, including the pages where I am featured.

July-September 2019, 7th Anniversary Edition

Team Profile of Tiffany Brannan, Pages 52-53

October-December 2019, Top Men Industry Professionals

Vintage Film Review (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington from 1939), Pages 18-19 – Cao Yong Interview (including video of live interview), Pages 20-23

SOH LIVE! with Tiffany Brannan – Michele Lee, Joan Van Ark & Donna Mills @ 40th Anniv Knots Landing

Live Red Carpet Interviews of Joan Van Arc, Donna Mills, and Michele Lee at the 40th Anniversary Knots Landing Lobby Tribute in the Hollywood Museum, January 18, 2020

I hope you enjoy this content. Both the Epoch Times and Shine On Hollywood Magazine are fine publications which offer some wonderful content. You won’t regret to subscribing to either of them! In the future, I will publish links to all my work for these organizations. Stay tuned for the upcoming Golden Globes issue of Shine On Hollywood Magazine, which should come out any day now and will feature some of my work. Also, my next article for the Epoch Times will be published next week. Until then, keep watching classic films!

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