PEPS’s definition of PURITY

Offical Code Seal

The PCA Seal was the Seal of Purity.

Purity is often used to mean cleanliness or an absence of a foreign object or substance; however, it can have a deeper, less physical meaning. The dictionary acknowledges this first meaning, but it also defines purity as freedom from any contamination, adulteration, guilt, or sin. In this meaning, purity may be regarded as a synonym for chastity, innocence, or guiltlessness, but I think it has a deeper meaning than any of these words. To me, it signifies a meeting of all the definitions given in the dictionary. I consider absolute purity to represent cleanliness and wholesomeness of the soul; that which is pure is clean in itself and cannot contaminate anyone who comes in contact with it. The Motion Picture Production Code of 1930 sought to maintain purity in motion pictures; this does not mean that no evil was seen in these films, but rather that they were free from any evil influence. The goal of the writers and enforcers of the Code was to protect the audience’s purity; the opposite of purity, which is contamination, was never condoned by Joseph I. Breen, the enforcer of the Code. For one to remain pure, he must guard himself against the contaminating effects of harmful entertainment; only then can he maintain his purity.

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R Film Rating

Contaminating entertainment.

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