Day 6 of #CleanMovieMonth: “Rebecca” from 1940

Today is July 6. As a heat wave strikes Southern California, my part of the country, we are continuing our celebration of #CleanMovieMonth! The temperatures may rise, but we are staying cool with Code movies from the greater Breen era (1934-1954). You can click here to learn more about #CleanMovieMonth and join the celebration of … Continue reading Day 6 of #CleanMovieMonth: “Rebecca” from 1940


Day 5 of #CleanMovieMonth: “The Chocolate Soldier” from 1941

Today is the fifth day of #CleanMovieMonth. We are now ten days away from The Story of the Code Through Classical Song at Hollywood and Western, our concert in Hollywood celebrating the 84th anniversary of the installment of the Production Code and the beginning of the era of clean entertainment. In honor of our debut … Continue reading Day 5 of #CleanMovieMonth: “The Chocolate Soldier” from 1941

Day 4 of #CleanMovieMonth: “Let Freedom Ring” from 1939

Happy Independence Day! Today is July 4, the 242nd anniversary of the day the United States of America declared our independence from England! The Fourth of July can easily become just another holiday from work and school. It seems that many Americans are more interested in parties and barbecues than patriotism and the real meaning … Continue reading Day 4 of #CleanMovieMonth: “Let Freedom Ring” from 1939

Day 3 of #CleanMovieMonth: “The Cowboy and the Lady” from 1938

Today is July 3, the third day of #CleanMovieMonth here at the Pure Entertainment Preservation Society. Click here to read more about this month-long celebration and join it yourself. We are enjoying this celebration of sealed cinema, which has introduced us to two new Code films so far. On July 1, we considered a youthful … Continue reading Day 3 of #CleanMovieMonth: “The Cowboy and the Lady” from 1938

Day 2 of #CleanMovieMonth: “The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex” from 1939

Today is the second day of #CleanMovieMonth.  Here at PEPS, we have dedicated July to celebrating the sealed cinema of the Breen era. In honor of this celebration, I am writing about a different Code film every day of the month. Yesterday, I began the festivities with an article about a light-hearted modern musical from … Continue reading Day 2 of #CleanMovieMonth: “The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex” from 1939

Day 1 of #CleanMovieMonth: “Three Smart Girls” from 1936

Today is the first day of #CleanMovieMonth. You can read the announcement and description for this month-long celebration of Code films here. We have named July the month for celebrating sealed Cinema and clean entertainment. You can still join #CleanMovieMonth and watch only films from 1934-1954 to appreciate the Breen Code era. My film choice … Continue reading Day 1 of #CleanMovieMonth: “Three Smart Girls” from 1936

July is #CleanMovieMonth!

Announcing #CleanMovieMonth! PEPS is officially announcing that July is #CleanMovieMonth! Many months are dedicated to celebrating history or bringing awareness. #CleanMovieMonth is dedicated to both. It's a month-long celebration of Code films, specifically cinema sealed during the Breen era (1934-1954). Frequent PEPS readers know that PEPS is always dedicated to Breen era films. However, during … Continue reading July is #CleanMovieMonth!

Bloggers, Here’s Looking at You

Ruth was so generous to honor me in this way and promote my concert. Thank you, Ruth!

Silver Screenings

Image: Warner Archive

We admire you, fellow bloggers.

You know the ups and down of the Blogging Life. Sometimes the ideas come so quickly you can’t keep up. Other times, writer’s block is so wedged-in you want to scream.

You write about film, food, travel, books, history, music, photography, fashion – to name a few – and you make it truly interesting. We’ve learned something from each of you.

Some of you have given us a bit of recognition over the past year, and today it’s our turn to recognize you.

Epicurean Award
10 Cents of Dates

For sharing fabulous recipes and humour,
and for dedicating the Best Jello Recipe Ever to us.

Community Service Award
What You Blog About?

For giving us a shout-out and encouraging their readers to visit us.
If you’re looking to connect with other bloggers, check this site first.

Film Advocacy Award
Pure Entertainment…

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Dennis Mulvy in “Luxury Liner” from 1948: Music on the High Seas!

Mae of Font and Frock and Ruth of Silver Screenings are hosting another year of the Reel Infatuation Blogathon. I participated last year with articles about two characters played by Lew Ayres: Michael Rand in Night World from 1932, a pathetically besotted millionaire in a redeemable pre-Code film, and Jerry Flynn, The King of the Newsboys … Continue reading Dennis Mulvy in “Luxury Liner” from 1948: Music on the High Seas!

“Babes on Broadway” from 1941: Young Stars Shine the Brightest!

Rebecca Deniston of Taking Up Room hosted her first blogathon, The Broadway Bound Blogathon, from June 1 to June 3. I am unfortunately late with my contribution, but Rebecca has been very understanding about my delays. I am joining this joyful celebration of the mergers between the Silver Screen and the Great White Way with an … Continue reading “Babes on Broadway” from 1941: Young Stars Shine the Brightest!