What the Code Means to Me – May 2021: “Old Movies and the Alpha Male Lifestyle” by Bentley Fierro

This article was written by Bentley Fierro, a motivational speaker on the Alpha Male lifestyle with 19k followers on Instagram! His explanation of why the Code’s traditional principles match his own views on gender roles is the May 2021 entry in our guest series, What the Code Means to Me. Since he doesn’t have a blog, we are publishing the article here. Bentley, thank you for contributing the thirteenth article to our series exploring exploring other people’s opinions on the Code!

I wrote the following questions to give Bentley a start on his thoughts. Please enjoy the interview!

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Bentley Fierro.

What is the Alpha Male lifestyle, and how did you adopt it?

Well, the Alpha Male lifestyle simply means the traditional male role as the protector of the household and the provider. I’m definitely a big defender and believer in masculinity. That goes together with being an alpha male. Now it’s not exactly about physical aspects but the alpha male of the man’s purpose. The alpha male does not have to be physically strong or good looking. It’s his character and his purpose to lead correctly and know morals.

An alpha male wants to be the light to make those around him always feel safe. It’s especially important for a man with a woman, since she always wants to feel safe and protected. He knows how to lead, and she will always look up to him like a superhero. The man’s purpose is to correct, not with anger or emotionally but logically and with the love that comes from the man. That’s why it’s so important to have the love of a father.

The alpha male knows how to use his name as his oath. If he’s willing to put his name on something, that means he believes it. Basically, that used to be called a man’s word, which meant a lot. Today, you don’t see it.

How do the Code’s values relate to your views on traditional gender roles?

With American culture today changing dramatically, everything right now is upside down. Society is removing

JOHN WAYNE in STAGECOACH -1939-. Photograph by Album
Classic movie stars like John Wayne were unashamedly masculine.

masculinity, since the media want to make it a bad thing. Masculinity is a good thing. That’s the alpha male code; it’s not bad masculinity but protection, safety, love, and guidance. Again, when I’m talking about this, it’s about the alpha male because that falls into masculinity. It’s the man’s purpose to always stand up for what’s right, protect his family, and lead with honor. He will never show weaknesses but at the same time is very humble, confident, and very loving. Alpha males are the sort of men we see in movies made during the Code.

My passion is really defending the man’s traditional role and supporting and protecting a woman’s traditional role, like

DVD Talk
The popular Hardy series showed a traditional family with a strong father.

being a mother and housewife who is proud of the family and the children. That’s a beautiful thing which we see in films from the Code Era, but in society now many women think it’s a bad thing to raise children.

The two-parent household is the most important thing today but especially the father. The love of the father is the most important, more than a mother, since children seek and look for love from their father. Everything starts at home. Strong fathers make a healthy society; that’s the Alpha Male lifestyle, and I appreciate that old movies, especially those made under the Code, show these values.

Why do you enjoy old movies, particularly those from 1934-1954, as opposed to modern films?

Scarface (1932) Archives » BAMF Style
Even Pre-Code films show traditional gender roles.

During this era, there’s a few films that are from Howard Hughes; he was a businessman, and he funded a lot of these movies. One example is the 1932 Scarface film. It’s a gangster film about mobsters. You have the lead character, who has his love interest, as well as the stories about the man taking over the city by any means necessary. You have here masculinity, showing how the

Flying Leathernecks (1951) - IMDb

man is very strong in building his business interest. Obviously, he’s a gangster! With the love interest part, he is interested in protecting his woman, keeping her safe.

Another film is Flying Leathernecks (1951); this is starring John Wayne and produced by Howard Hughes. This film is about a group of military men training for war, the brotherhood, and to make each other strong. During this time, these films were all about the man serving his purpose as a masculine leader.

These are just simple examples of films that I like from this era, but there is one thing they all have in common: the story of the man always leading and protecting and the brotherhood between men.

What positive effects do you think the Code had on Old Hollywood and American culture at large?

Regarding Old Hollywood films, that was such a beautiful, innocent time. You had traditional rules. The man was a hero

Anticipating Asian Cinema in 2019 – Scene360

and the woman the damsel in distress. What a time for movies! They had morals. The man would save the woman, and they would be happily married and have children. Movies showed the traditional household with the traditional roles.

If you look today, it has become more liberal, but Asian countries are still extremely traditional and conservative compared to what’s here in the United States now. If you watch Asian films, they are like what American films were in the past, where the superhero, the man, protects the woman, displaying traditional roles.

Do you think it would be possible for there to be a new Production Code Administration, as we at PEPS advocate, and why might this be good?

If we could bring Hollywood back to the traditional rules, values, and morals, that would be a beautiful thing! From what I’ve seen right now, I’m not holding my breath! However, I do know there are some studios today in Hollywood which are creating traditional, conservative films, so hopefully we could see more of that become mainstream.

Issue of the day: Could Snow White be "cancelled"? | HeraldScotland
Code Disney films always showed traditional gender roles.

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One thought on “What the Code Means to Me – May 2021: “Old Movies and the Alpha Male Lifestyle” by Bentley Fierro

  1. Bravo! This article/interview was extremely interesting and enlightening. I enjoyed reading it, and also agree with each point made. Thanks for posting this interview, Tiffany!


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