#AMonthWithoutTheCode2020 Guest Article: “Mini Movie Reviews: August 2020 (#AMonthWithoutTheCode2020)” by MovieCritic


The below article was published on Movies Meet Their Match by MovieCritic on September 6 as her entry in #AMonthWithoutTheCode2020. See the original post here.

Hello, friends!

Just like I did in July I’m going to be writing a mini review for all of the films I saw in August! This month I joined in on #AMonthWithoutTheCode2020 hosted by Pure Entertainment Preservation Society (PEPS)!

The goal is that following up #CleanMovieMonth2020 you don’t watch any Code films. I watched:
Movies made not in Code years: 15!
Movies made in Code years: 1 (It was for a blogathon that I was a part of.)

Hold up, MC, what is “The Code”? Through the years 1934-1968 (according to PEPS, the more accurate timeframe was the “Breen era” headed by Joseph Breen, which ran from 1934-1954) movies had to be approved by the Motion Picture Production Code, and its purpose was to provide clean movies that anyone could watch. This is what PEPS specializes in! The writers behind this blog, the Brannans, have realized that like all things, some are wonderful examples and some are below par. They have come up with a system of classifying all of the Code films which follows (For more detail, please go HERE):

Non-Code film – How could this have even gotten approval!? It has a core problem that isn’t Code compliant.
Poor Code film – Might have a core problem in addition to lots of surface problems.
Fair Code film – No core problems, but some surface ones.
Good Code film – Absolutely acceptable in all ways!
Perfect Code film – This goes beyond a Good Code film because it either has a wonderful message to teach the audience, or it deals with a hard topic in a very good way.

You might say, “That’s all good, MC, but it applies to Code films, and these aren’t Code films.” True, true! I’m going to say that if they would have been allowed to be made in Code years. Maybe it’s just as good as a Code film! Maybe there are a few things that could’ve been adjusted. Read on to see what categories these fell into!

Any titles with an asterisk (*) means that it was a rewatch. If I have reviewed it fully, there will be a link to it. If it is underlined I’m thinking about fully reviewing it but haven’t decided yet. Help me decide! If it sounds like something you want to read my thoughts on more fully, let me know!

These are all spoiler free!

Justice League (2017)

Brief thoughts: I prefer the MCU, but, there were some things that I liked! Gal Gadot was awesome, as always, as Wonder Woman. Her story and lines were good. In addition to her, I loved the Flash! The way they decided to portray him was super fun.
If it were in Code it would be: Non-Code
I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but I can say this, some core elements would not have gone over with the Code. Quite a few things made me uncomfortable, either core or surface. It’s giving me shudders just thinking about it!

The Pirates! A Band of Misfits (2012)*

I hadn’t seen this in ages. It is pretty funny!
If it were in Code it would be: Fair
The “un-Codish” elements here are just crude humor and whatnot. The story is fun and actually it has a really sweet message.

STAR WARS: The Return of the Jedi (1982)*

Ah! It had been months since I’d seen a Star Wars movie! I can’t let that happen again. This one is my third favorite of all time. It has the most wonderful conclusion ever!
If it were in Code it would be: Good/Fair
PEPS just “breened” this a few weeks ago, so check that out HERE. There are some surface problems, and I agree with some of Tiffany’s changes, like the costumes, but I also think some of the gruesome aliens are there for a purpose. Plus, the story is just so good!

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (2015)

I’ve been meaning to see this movie for years! Since it came out! As I suspected, Dan Stevens’s portrayal was hilarious!
If it were in Code it would be: Fair
Crude humor and gross things on the surface, but fine other than that.

The Princess Bride (1987)*

Guys, I hadn’t watched this since I reviewed it! That was in 2017! For a movie that I watched every few months growing up, that is too long a time to wait. This is one of those wonderful nostalgic movies, where, of course, I know all of the lines.
If it were in Code it would be: Fair
It took me awhile to decide on this because the subplots with revenge could bring it down to Poor, but I love it so I’m calling it Fair. One ‘son of a —–‘ and killing.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)*

If there are any absolutely wonderfully fantastical movies in the world, this is it! Watching it makes me so happy!
If it were in Code it would be: Good
I might be a little biased because I’ve been watching this since before I can remember and I don’t want to look for elements that might not have been Code-like. It is full of sweetness and happiness. Truly scrumptious!

The Parent Trap (1961)*

I usually watch the remake of this, so it was good to see the original again!
If it were in Code it would be: Fair
The story line in itself would fit very well with the Code! There are only some minor surface problems, and that’s it.

Clue (1985)

Technically this is my third time watching this, but I didn’t mark it with an asterisk because it was my first time seeing all three endings!
If it were in Code it would be: Non-Code
I want to write a post about this, but for today I’ll just give a quick run down: There is not a single Code element in this film. It’s an ’80’s movie. I liked it because there are some fun parts, but I’ll talk more about it another day.

Amazing Grace (2006)*

This is one of my favorite movies of all time and I finally got my little sister to watch it! That makes me so happy.
If it were in Code it would be: Perfect
Sometimes people (like my mom and younger sister) get annoyed with how sensitive I am about movies. But hey, this is the reason I started a blog, so I could talk about it! Whenever they say that you can’t have a clean movie that talks about serious topics, I point to this movie. It is one of the truly perfect movies in the world! It’s a true story and doesn’t back away from that, but it doesn’t unnecessarily throw in stuff to clog up the message. You can tell that the utmost thought went into every detail and it all has a right place. Please, if you haven’t seen this film, you NEED TO. I hardly ever say that, but it’s true!

Big Jake (1971)

I reviewed this for Legends of Western Cinema Week!
If it were in Code it would be: Fair/Poor
Go read my review for more thoughts.

Little Women (2019)*

I meant to review this when it first came out, but I haven’t gotten around to it. One of these days! Anyway, this is such a good movie! The 1994 Little Women will always have a special place in my heart as my favorite version, but this is fantastic, too!
If it were in Code it would be: Perfect
It has such beautiful themes about family. There is nothing offensive or wrong about it!

Spirited Away (2001)*

Studio Ghibli movies are amazing! Also, I think Sen is one of my favorite fictional characters, because her growth through the story is A+!
If it were in Code it would be: Fair
Now, there are so many strange and odd and unique and crazy things about this movie. A few of them would be too gross for the Code, I think, but they all add up to make it such a magical experience or certainly a wild ride!

Mirror Mirror (2012)*

ANOTHER ONE OF MY FAVORITE MOVIES. I cannot watch this enough. I love the dialogue, the creativity, the characters, all of it!
If it were in Code it would be: Fair
Just some crude humor, gross things, and such, and usually it would bother me, but this movie is so good all the same.

Letters to Juliet (2010)

I’d heard about this for ages, and I’m happy to say that it didn’t disappoint me! I don’t usually like Rom-Coms, but this was sweet! I loved Claire.
If it were in Code it would be: Fair

Snow White (1987)

I’m a little obsessed with the fairytale Snow White and will read or watch anything that involves it. This was so strange, I laughed the whole way through!
If it were in Code it would be: Fair
It was perfectly acceptable until the end then something gruesome happened. My sister said, “That ruined the whole movie!” Not really, but it was bizarre.

Puss in Boots (1988)

So sorry about the terrible quality of this photo! It was the best I could find!

If it were in Code it would be: Good
I kind of fell asleep during this, but in my defense, it was really late. It was hilarious and had songs! My sister and I couldn’t believe it!

Code films:
Three Guys Named Mike (1951)

Code Rating: Good/Fair
Watched for the Van Johnson Blogathon! Read my review to see what I thought of it!

Those are all the movies I saw in August! Thanks to PEPS for hosting this!

Now your turn: tell me what you’ve watched recently! Have you seen any of these? Can you quote all of The Princess Bride? Thanks for reading!


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