Highlighting Natalia Bilbao – G-News

I want to take this opportunity to mention an aspiring actress and YouTube creator who recently came to my attention, Natalia Bilbao. She describes herself as "an actress/TV host who's been living in LA for a year and a half (after moving from Madrid, Spain)." Her official website includes a list of her acting and … Continue reading Highlighting Natalia Bilbao – G-News

100 New Code Films – #35. “Raffles” from 1939

Today is Saturday, so it's time for this week's first entry in the series 100 New Code Films. I created this series to give myself a solid schedule for watching American Breen Era (1934-1954) films which I have never seen before during this year. With the goal of watching and reviewing 100 such movies in … Continue reading 100 New Code Films – #35. “Raffles” from 1939