Breening Thursday #40: “Platinum Blonde” from 1931

Today is Thursday, so it’s time for another Breening Thursday article. Every Thursday, either I or one of my family members takes a movie made outside of the American Breen Era (1934-1954), also known as an un-Code film, and hypothesizes about how it would have been different if the Production Code Administration had self-regulated it. … Continue reading Breening Thursday #40: “Platinum Blonde” from 1931

Announcing The Third Annual Great Breening Blogathon!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's that time of year again! As the air begins to get nippy in the evenings and the first day of fall is just around the corner, we are making our plans for the autumnal season. Here at PEPS, October is the time when we host our most important important blogathon of … Continue reading Announcing The Third Annual Great Breening Blogathon!