Breening Thursday #33: “Some Like It Hot” from 1959

  Today is August 1, the first day of #AMonthWithoutTheCode65! It is also Thursday. In honor of #CleanMovieMonth85, we suspended Breening Thursdays during July, replacing them with Code Concepts articles. Since today is a Thursday as well as the first day of the month which we have dedicated to un-Code films, we are starting #AMonthWithoutTheCode65 … Continue reading Breening Thursday #33: “Some Like It Hot” from 1959

#AMonthWithoutTheCode65 is Here!

Today is the first day of August, so it is the beginning of #AMonthWithoutTheCode65! Last month, #CleanMovieMonth85, was dedicated to Breen Era entertainment as we pledged to watch and review nothing but Code films throughout July. Now, this month is the complete opposite. August is dedicated to all things un-Code, so we are pledging to … Continue reading #AMonthWithoutTheCode65 is Here!