#CleanMovieMonth85 Perfect Code Film Features – 14. “The Human Comedy”

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July 14 – Perfect Code Film Feature #14

Today’s highlighted film is The Human Comedy from 1943. This is the story of an American high school boy who takes his first job as a telegram delivery boy as World War II rages. With his father deceased and his older brother at war, it is up to the devoted lad to support his mother, younger brother, and sister during these trying days. This film stars Mickey Rooney, Frank Morgan, and James Craig. It was directed and produced by Clarence Brown and released by MGM. This is a perfect Code film because it provides an inspiring portrait of a boy who serves his country on the homefront by delivering harsh news and keeping his family and fellow townspeople together despite tragedy. I like this movie because of its superb acting and heartfelt drama set against the background of the American homefront during World War II. My favorite thing about it is the way Mickey Rooney leads the cast in one of his first major roles as a leading man, just as his character becomes the head of his household.

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