#CleanMovieMonth85 Perfect Code Film Features – 9. “Life Begins for Andy Hardy”

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July 9 – Perfect Code Film Feature #9

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Today’s highlighted film is Life Begins for Andy Hardy from 1941. This is the story of America’s favorite boy next door, Andy Hardy, when he decides to try starting out on his own in New York City. Although he began with the promise of a job, his own convertible, and high hopes, he soon realizes that life in New York is very different than in his hometown, as he faces unemployment, financial hardship, and a designing woman. This film stars Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, and Lewis Stone. It was directed and produced by George B. Seitz and released by MGM. This is a perfect Code film because it shows how important it is for decent people to maintain their values when they go to the big city, a concept which is beautifully highlighted by a wise speech from Judge Hardy to his son on the importance of young men being faithful to their future wives. I like this movie because it is one of the finest movies in the lengthy Andy Hardy series, showing the Midwestern boy in new circumstances and thus introducing some excellent new characters in a dramatic story. My favorite thing about it is the way it depicts Andy’s behavior as adventurous, not rebellious, since he is a good boy who wants to explore but may come to realize that his father is right about his best future.

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As a special high-point of our month-long celebration in July, we are hosting a blogathon on the first weekend in July in honor of the formation of the PCA and the twenty wonderful years of decent cinema which followed during Joseph Breen’s tenure. It will be called The Favorite Code Film Blogathon. On July 5-7, participants will choose their single favorite Code films and write about why these movies from the era of film decency were so good. Please join!

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