#CleanMovieMonth85 Perfect Code Film Features – 5. “The Talk of the Town”

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July 5 – Perfect Code Film Feature #5

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Today’s highlighted film is The Talk of the Town from 1942. This is the story of an outspoken young man who is accused of arson and hides out in a former female schoolmate’s house after he escapes from prison. Pretending to be a gardener, he befriends the stuffy professor who is renting the house, and the two men become good friends as they both develop feelings for the young lady who owns the house. This film stars Cary Grant, Jean Arthur, and Ronald Coleman. It was directed and produced by George Stevens with associate producer Fred Guiol and released by Columbia Pictures. This is a perfect Code film because it vividly shows the truth that justice is not something to be understand simply by books; it is something that must be understand through real people. I like this movie because of the touching relationship which develops between the two men of very different backgrounds and political beliefs. My favorite thing about it is the friendly but heated debates which the twosome and Nora have, since these strangers turned friends show how much we, like they, can learn from our fellow men.

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