Photo Giveaway This Week

Ladies and gentlemen, for several months I have been including links to Amazon products in all my new articles. I have also added links to many past articles. In each article, I have mentioned that we are part of the Amazon Associates affiliate program, so purchases generated from links on our website will result in small commissions for us. This has been my attempt to monetize the website so that we will have some financial support for our cause. We have been hopeful that, eventually, someone will make a purchase. However, Amazon puts time limits on success in the program.

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From the time you sign up, you have six months to prove your worth by generating three purchases on Amazon. So far, we have had several clicks but no sales. Our trial-period ends in mid-May. If we don’t make three sales within the next week, we will be out of the Amazon Associates program. I am especially eager to stay in because of our new weekly series, Film Fashion Fridays. This series is based on recommending items on Amazon which you can buy to recreate film outfits for your own vintage style. I hope that I will be able to continue providing this fashion advice with product-recommendation.

To ensure that we have three sales this week, I am offering a purchase incentive. Through Sunday, May 12, any person who makes a purchase on Amazon by following a link on our website will get a gift. The size of the purchase makes no difference. This is not a contest. Everyone who makes a purchase is a winner and gets a prize!


The gift is a print of the above photograph of Joseph I. Breen. That may not seem very extraordinary, but this is a special offer. Everyone who knows about the Production Code Administration and Joseph Breen has seen this photograph. However, it is blurred and faded with age. What I am offering is a cleaned, remastered copy of this well-known picture which shows details one would never have imaged were present in this eighty-five-year-old photograph.

Mark A. Vieira

This image was restored by Mark A. Vieira, a glamour photographer, author, and well-known Hollywood historian, for his latest book, Forbidden Hollywood: When Sin Ruled the Movies. This book, which was published on April 2, is already in its second printing and is a bestseller on Amazon! I am proud to call Mr. Vieira a supporter of our cause and a good friend. He offered prints of this photograph to me as a giveaway on our website, and I am happy to now be taking him up on this offer. This photograph serves a purpose which is important to Mr. Vieira as well as to PEPS: by showing more details of his face, it makes Joe Breen look like a man instead of a cold, lifeless entity lying on a page. We both want people to know that Joseph Breen was a kind, intelligent man, not the heartless monster as which some historians have painted him.

Please make a purchase on Amazon as soon as possible! Your support means so much to us. As well as the satisfaction of donating to our website, you will have a rare print of this newly-restored photograph, which isn’t available anywhere else! If you are wondering what to buy, I highly recommend purchasing Mr. Vieira’s new book. It is masterful and full of wonderful information. He specifically focuses on the pre-Code films which led the Production Code Administration’s formation in 1934. I respect him as one of the only Hollywood historians who accurately and fairly depicts Joseph Breen and the PCA.

Click the above image to go to Amazon and purchase this book today!

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Only the Code can make the sun rise on a new day of pure entertainment!

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