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This is the last article I will publish until after Christmas. Because of the busy rush of the holidays, I am going to take this week as a brief rest. Thus, I will be skipping Breening Thursday again this week. Be sure to check back on December 27, however, for the final Breening Thursday of the year!

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The Pure Entertainment Preservation Society is more than a blog about classic films. Our little WordPress website is the home of a grassroots movement for huge change, the Clean Movie Movement. We have been working at this cause for two years, but it is just the beginning of a giant cause. We have made progress in 2017. Our followers and views have greatly increased, we started the L. A. Soprani Sisters in May, and our social media presence is growing through the efforts of Promise E. Pope. In addition, we have had some really great, positive cooperation from our readers during our blogathons. I am especially happy about the wonderful response I have had to the series I have been trying to launch all year, What the Code Means to Me. When Sally Silverscreen of 18 Cinema Lane nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award, I found a great opportunity to gain participants! I now have six guest authors who have chosen months and three more who haven’t yet decided when they will participate. Thank you so much! Six months of spring and summer are blocked off now. What I really need is some people who will want to write in the first three months of 2019! If the new year isn’t too busy for you, I would love to have more talented writers sign up for this series.

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As we continue our research and spread the word about our cause through song, PEPS needs money. I have found a great way to earn some financial support. We are going to monetize our site by signing up for the Amazon Affiliate Program. Don’t worry. PEPS is not going to go commercial with a lot of meaningless ads all over the page. We simply are going to incorporate recommendations for relevant products which we think might interest you. We will recommend film history books which we like. If we discuss a movie, we will include a link to the product so you can buy it yourself. We are even going to begin a new series in the new year which will have special fashion recommendations inspired by movies. To purchase recommended items, click on the images or the highlighted text. If you follow the product link on our website and purchase the item, we will receive a percentage of the profits. Thus, you will be supporting us while buying a product you want to have!

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You will see product recommendations in our future articles. In addition, I will add links to some of our existing articles. We really appreciate your support! I will begin my recommendations right here in this article. I know a lot of my readers love to learn about Hollywood history by reading biographies about and memoirs of Old Hollywood luminaries. For any classic film fan, I recommend some books about the most misunderstood element of classic Hollywood, the Code.

For anyone who is interested in learning more about the Code and its primary enforcer, Joseph I. Breen, I highly recommend Thomas Doherty’s biography about Mr. Breen. It is a well-researched history which is unique as the only real biography about the great self-regulator. The picture links to the page for a new hardcover book. You can also buy a paperback or purchase it on Kindle on that page.

This book is a real insider’s look at the Production Code Administration. Written in 1970 by Jack A. Vizzard, one of the most prominent members of the PCA, it was the first book to explain the workings of the Code and its enforcers. The language is quite coarse, but no other book reveals so much about what really happened during and after Joe Breen’s time. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants the “inside scoop.”

This book is a great history of pre-Code Hollywood. It was written by Mark A. Vieira, a glamour photographer and historian who brought a unique and truly remarkable degree of accuracy to his text by painstakingly locating and interviewing Jack Vizzard in his last years. His informative text is accompanied by beautifully-restored photographs from dozens of iconic pre-Code films. This is a lovely coffee table book.

Martin J. Quigley and the Glory Days of American Film

This book, of which there is no image available, is a detailed and loving biography about Martin J. Quigley, written by his son Martin S. Quigley. It provides a unique look at the life of one of the authors of and primary powers behind the Code and the decent film movement of the 1930s. This book features some excellent pictures of Mr. Quigley, his family, and the other gentlemen of the Code.

This is the autobiography of the other author of the Code, Father Daniel A. Lord. This talented Missouri priest was a very diverse gentleman. His numerous accomplishments included authoring children’s books, writing Catholic periodicals, penning plays, composing music, and working as a technical adviser on a Cecil B. DeMille film. This is a reasonably-priced, fascinating book about his life in his own words.

Join Amazon Prime – Watch Thousands of Movies & TV Shows Anytime – Start Free Trial Now

One of the best places to find obscure but entertaining classic films for free is Amazon’s Prime Video. We have found many little gems among their free pictures. In addition, there are a lot of classic television series for free among the archives. Click on the link to sign up for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime, which will give us a commission even if you don’t continue with Prime. In addition to all the free movies and television series, you can enjoy free 2-day shipping, perfect for last-minute items!

In addition to all the free movies and television series, you can enjoy free 2-day shipping, perfect for last-minute holiday gifts!

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Thank you for reading! We appreciate any purchases you choose to make from our website. Have a wonderful holiday season filled with lovely Code films!

Follow us to bring back the Code and save the arts in America!

We are lifting our voices in classical song to help the sun rise on a new day of pure entertainment!

Only the Code can make the sun rise on a new day of pure entertainment!

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