The Breen Letters

  I am proud to officially announce The Breen Letters, a special series of articles written by actual descendants of Joseph I. Breen. Through the dedicated work of my friend Promise Pope on Facebook, I have been able to get in personal contact with several of Mr. Breen’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They have proved to … Continue reading The Breen Letters

The Breen Letters: Cordially Yours, Jack Benton

This is the first article in PEPS's newest series, The Breen Letters. This is a series of articles written by descendants of Joseph Breen about their famous ancestor, his family, and his unequalled influence on Hollywood. Each article brings us closer and closer to the man behind the Golden Era of Hollywood. This article was … Continue reading The Breen Letters: Cordially Yours, Jack Benton

Upcoming Events, Articles, and Participations

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! We have some news items to discuss today. We have several articles in the process of development. However, before we publish them, we would like to tell you what we are doing right now and in the near future. Firstly, the Pure Entertainment Preservation Society is proud to be member #1933 … Continue reading Upcoming Events, Articles, and Participations