The L. A. Soprani Sisters

Hollywood sunrise

The PEPS website has been rather quiet lately. Although I haven’t published any articles on the website for over a month, the cause has not gone quiet. On the contrary, our goal of bringing the Code back to Hollywood is taking a new form. Since October 17 of 2016, we have written and published 126 articles about the Golden Age of Hollywood, the Code, and pure entertainment. However, it is now time to do more than write.

LA Soprani Sisters logo

Rebekah and I are now going to sing to spread the word about pure arts. We have been training to be opera singers for nine years. We are now ready to start concertizing. Using our musical training and our knowledge of Hollywood history, we have formed a sister singing duo, the L. A. Soprani Sisters. L. A. stands for the thing we want to bring back, Lost Art, and the place to which we want to bring it back, Los Angeles. We have formulated eight unique programs, each of which has about twenty songs. In these programs, Rebekah and I alternate singing songs. The repertoire includes classical songs that represent movies or concepts in old Hollywood and actual songs that were performed in classic films. Before each song, I speak to explain the history or film which goes with each song. Our programs are accompanied by projected photographs of classic actors and films. In addition, we always perform in vintage-style clothes or movie-themed costumes with matching hats, headpieces, and accessories. Every L. A. Soprani Sisters concert is a combination of a PEPS article, a 1950s production at the Met, and a major MGM musical production!

I haven’t been writing many articles recently, since I have been busy building our website. However, it is now finished and ready to be presented: Please have a look! If you live in Southern California, you may be able to attend one of our performances! You can even hire us to perform for your club, business meeting, our party. If not, you can watch videos of us singing right on the website! Please help us spread the word by sharing the website on social media. My good friend Promise has set up a Facebook page for us, so you can like us there to show your support!

Now that our website has been built, you can look forward to regular articles on PEPS again! We will try to publish at least one article a week. Check the website regularly to see the latest articles, or become a follower to have new articles delivered to your WordPress reader or straight to your inbox.

We are raising our voices in classical song to help the sun rise on a new day of pure entertainment!

Follow us to bring back the Code and save the arts in America!


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