The Joseph Breen Appreciation Society

Joseph Breen and the PCA

The Pure Entertainment Preservation Society has many goals which all work toward one main purpose, to save the arts in America. The primary mean by which we hope to achieve this is bringing the Code back to Hollywood. One of the ways I work toward this goal is by writing articles about the Code and its era on this website. In any exploration or discussion of the Code era, the name Joseph I. Breen must be mentioned. Because he was the head of the Production Code Administration during its only really successful years, 1934 through 1954, few people had a closer relation to the Code than he. Since we members of PEPS celebrate and praise the Code’s heyday, we naturally admire and respect the man who enforced the Code during those golden years.

I discuss Mr. Breen a lot in my articles, but now we have a new place for discussing, analyzing, and appreciating Mr. Breen’s life and work. My friend Promise E. Pope, PEPS’s director of social media, recently started a Facebook group called The Joseph Breen Appreciation Society. In this group, she and other Facebook members who are interested in the Code era and the main self-regulator post pictures, articles, and anecdotes about America’s moral guardian. However, this group has an added attraction which will fascinate Hollywood historians. Out of the 252 members, there are some very unique people. Several real descendants of Joseph I. Breen are members of this group. Promise got into contact with at least three grandchildren, three great-grandchildren, and a few other direct descendants of Mr. Breen and his wife, Mary. They proved to be not only interested but very informative and kind people who are just full of anecdotes, memories, and stories about Mr. Breen and members of his family. The stories which they tell show him to be the kind, wonderful man we know him to be instead of the villain people imagine he was. They love to meet people who know about and respect their ancestor, whom they call “Grandpa Joe.”

If you are on Facebook, go to the Joseph Breen Appreciation Society Facebook page and ask to join. Don’t be surprised when you don’t see any Brannans who are members of the group; we don’t use Facebook. However, the group is run very well by Promise Pope, or Pep, as she calls herself. After you join the JB Appreciation Society, go to PEPS’s official Facebook page, which is conveniently linked to the Appreciation Society. Liking our Facebook page is a marvelous way for you to share PEPS’s goals with your friends and show your support for our cause. Join the Joseph Breen Appreciation Society to learn more about America’s Moral Guardian!

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2 thoughts on “The Joseph Breen Appreciation Society

    • Dear Ruth,

      Thank you very much! I appreciate the fact that you liked my article. I am very happy about Promise’s discoveries of Breen descendants. Not only are they interesting because of their genealogy, they are very cordial, kind people. I have some future plans which may give them an opportunity to be more closely aligned with PEPS. If you are on Facebook, you might enjoy being a member of the Joseph Breen Appreciation Society.

      Yours Hopefully,

      Tiffany Brannan


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