The Great Breening Blogathon Disney

Today is the third day of the Great Breening Blogathon, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it won’t be the last! Due to the fact that several participants, including myself, have not submitted all their articles, I am extending the blogathon through tomorrow. Even if you can’t get your article done by tomorrow, don’t worry! I’ll put any article with a Breenathon banner on the roster, no matter how late it is submitted!

Here is our third roster, which contains a very interesting array of articles. I hope you will enjoy reading them all.

Part 1 – Breening Films

White Zombie (1932) by Eric Binford for Diary of a Movie Maniac

Eric Binford contributed with an interesting article about a pre-Code United Artists horror film, White Zombie. He provided some very interesting commentary on it. We commend him for his unusual and fascinating opinions on it. Be sure to read his article if you want a fascinating description of this film which will not spoil it for you if you want to watch it yourself. Mr. Binford did not attempt to breen this pre-Code film, but it has relatively few problems. The only problems we detected were a few brief indecent exposures of the actress, some naked female figurines, and a bit of violence. Plus, we think it would be best to remove the continual joke of the minister asking for a light for his pipe. We were impressed by Mr. Binford’s writing style; his article is very entertaining and delightfully concise. Be sure to read it if you are interested in unusual old movies!

Breening “The Pleasure of His Company” from 1961 by Teresa Brannan for PEPS

Teresa Brannan, an inspiring member of the PEPS team and the mother of the Brannan family, has written her first article for the website to participate in our first blogathon. She contributed with a sensitive, touching review of a Shurlock era film which is very close to her own experiences, The Pleasure of His Company. As she told the fascinating story of this great movie, she provided very intelligent, effective, and detailed breening. Her article revealed how a few small chances could make all the difference in the world for the general outcome of Shurlock films like this. Be sure to read this rare article by Mrs. Brannan.

Breening “Footlight Parade” from 1933 by Promise E. Pope

Promise E. Pope, our dearest friend and the director of social media for PEPS, contributed to the blogathon with a very detailed, thorough breening of her favorite pre-Code film, Footlight Parade. We were very impressed by her intelligent, systematic analysis of the film’s problems as well as her suggestions of remedies for them. Although her article is long, it goes by very quickly because of her unusual sense of humor and quick wit. We were touched by her tender reference to Joseph Breen as “Uncle Joe.” Of course, we would expect no less from a devoted PEPS member such as herself! We know that Mr. Breen would have approved of her breening, so we happily award her with a PEPS Seal of Approval! (All PEPS Seals may be reproduced on the receiver’s website with our blessing.)

PEPS Seal No. 3

Part 2 – Code Film Ideas

The Lord of the Rings, If Warner Bros Made It in the 1930s-40s by Christina Wehner

Christina Wehner was the only non-PEPS member to submit an original Code film idea as part of this blogathon, and we were thrilled by her choice and her final result. She used a delightful amount of imagination when composing her article about all the people who could have contributed to a Lord of the Rings film from the 1930s. We Brannan sisters love writing our own films with classic artists, and we know that Miss Wehner enjoyed the process herself. We would love to write more movies with her. She chose such a thorough group of participants, giving intelligent, well-planned reasons for each one’s inclusion. We were very impressed by her thoughts on the Production Code Administration’s influence on these hypothetical films. She couldn’t have done any better. We commend her, congratulate her, and recommend her article to all our readers. We enthusiastically present her with a PEPS Seal of Approval for a well-written Code film idea! (All PEPS Seals may be reproduced on the receiver’s website with our blessing.) 

PEPS Seal No. 4.jpg

Part 3 – Tributes to the Code Era

The Sunday Intertitle: The Be Carefuls by David Cairns for Shadowplay

David Cairns provided us with a detailed sequel to his article on The Don’ts from 1927. In this article, he considered the Be Carefuls one by one. We appreciate his thoroughness and the time which he obviously put into these works. We are also very grateful that he decided to contribute another article during the blogathon. We recommend his article to anyone who is interested in reading an intelligently-written opposing view. Next week, I will write a response to his commentary on the various articles.

Thank you very much for reading these articles. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We also thank our gracious participants. Come back tomorrow to read the final articles when they are submitted. The next time you watch a movie made between 1934 and 1954, be sure to look for the Code seal of approval in the corner of the credits. As you read the certificate number, consider the time and care that Joseph Breen put into the film’s self-regulation.

Follow us to bring back the Code and save the arts in America!

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