Holiday Next Week

Image result for saguaro cactusLadies and gentlemen, I have an announcement to make. Tomorrow, my family and I are leaving for a holiday in Tucson, Arizona. To quote Linda Seton in Holiday from 1938, I’m going “on a trip, on a big ride. Oh, what a ride! Do you mind?” Thus, I will be unable to respond to any comments until Saturday at the earliest. However, I may decide to have a week-long holiday from business. In that case, you will not hear from me until Monday.

Image result for Holiday from 1938 Katharine Hepburn

This doesn’t mean that PEPS is going to go dormant, however. I have two marvelous new articles which are scheduled to automatically post during my absence. Be sure to visit the website on Thursday to read my breening of You Can’t Run Away From It from 1956 and on Friday to read my article about Three Guys Named Mike from 1951 for the Threesome Blogathon. There still will be plenty of activity on PEPS.

When I return, I will be very happy to see that I have received hundreds of views, scores of likes, and dozens of new followers. You will help that dream come true for me, won’t you? That will make my homecoming very pleasant. I have written dozens of articles, so I am sure there are some older ones which you have missed; you can read them while I am gone. So long!

Image result for Classic Actresses Waving Goodbye

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