Support PEPS on Social Media!

The Pure Entertainment Preservation Society is trying to gain support for the cause of bringing back the Code by using every possible device. The PEPS website has done very well. Since its formation in the middle of October, the website has received 465 views, 141 visitors, and 15 followers. Last month, we decided that PEPS needed promotion in other ways, so it should be represented on social media. Since we, the Brannans, do not participate in social media, another member of PEPS, Promise E. Pope, represents the cause on Facebook, Twitter, and GooglePlus.

Promise E. Pope is a good friend of mine who tries to live every day like she is in the 1930s. Her only modern vice is the computer, which she uses to have some connection to the world, since she, her brother, her sister, and their maiden aunt live in a very secluded part of the mountain community of Idyllwild, California. She believes in the cause just as much as we Brannans do. If you want to support PEPS on social media, visit Promise’s Facebook page (, Twitter page (, and GooglePlus page ( If you believe in PEPS and participate in social media, please promote the cause!

Follow us to bring back the Code and save the arts in America!

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