The Complete Filmography of the Singing Sweethearts of the Code!

Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson EddyJeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy, the Singing Sweethearts of the Silver Screen, made eight diverse and entertaining musicals together between 1935 and 1942. Their first film together is Naughty Marietta, an adaptation of a play by Victor Herbert about a runaway princess who falls in love with a handsome Scout in colonial New Orleans.

Naughty Marietta

Warrington kisses Marietta, now Princess Marie, who thinks they will never meet again.


Their second delightful musical is Rose-Marie, the story of an opera singer who goes to the Canadian Rockies to find her brother and falls in love with a Mountie, the very man who is trying to arrest her brother for killing one of his comrades.


Sergeant Bruce is torn between love and duty when he learns Rose-Marie is the wanted man’s sister.

The third MacDonald-Eddy film is Maytime, a tragic tale of romance by Sigmund Romberg; it tells the tale of a famous opera singer who is in love with a handsome young American but marries her manager out of gratitude.

Nelson Eddy & Jeanette MacDonald 1937

Marcia and Paul bask in one glorious May Day which they will remember the rest of their lives.

The Girl of the Golden West is an exciting Western by Sigmund Romberg and the couple’s fourth film together; it is the story of a female saloon owner who falls in love with the handsome but notorious bandit Ramerez and causes much jealousy on the part of her admirer, the town sheriff.

Girl of the Golden West

Mary, the only woman in Cloudy Mountain, only has eyes for the outlaw Ramerez.

The fifth musical in the singing couple’s partnership was Sweethearts, an elaborate backstage musical by Victor Herbert which was shot entirely in color; it is the story of married singers who star in a Broadway show for six years and then are broken up by the producer’s scheming assistants to keep them from going to Hollywood.


Gwen and Ernest celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary the same night as their Broadway hit’s sixth anniversary.

New Moon, the sixth MacDonald-Eddy film, which reunited the singers in 1940, is a thrilling period masterpiece by Sigmund Romberg which is set in colonial New Orleans; it tells the story of a revolutionary French count who goes to Louisiana as a bondservant and falls in love with his beautiful owner, Marianne.

New Moon 2.jpg

Marianne does not realize that her handsome new bondsman, Charles, is a revolutionary count in disguise.

The couple’s seventh collaboration was Bittersweet by Noel Coward, the story of the beautiful singer Sarah who marries her singing teacher and goes to Vienna with him; this film, like Sweethearts, was filmed entirely in Technicolor, which one can see had been greatly improved since 1938.


Carl and Sarah are happily married and filled with joyous love and music until success and tragedy strike in one night.



Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy’s eighth and final film, I Married An Angel, is an adaptation of the Rogers and Hart musical of the same name; while in the play Count Palaffi actually marries an angel, he merely dreams it in the film and in real life marries an angelic woman.

I Married An Angel 1942

Carl dreams of wedding an angel who looks exactly like his timid secretary.


Watch all of these films to see why the Singing Sweethearts, who charmed movie-goers for seven years, are one of the best film pairs in Hollywood history.

The End

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