Petition to Bring Back the Code in Hollywood!

PEPS has begun an online petition to bring the Code back to Hollywood. Our goal is to collect 1000 signatures and present them to the ten major motion picture production studios as proof of the public’s desire for an Old Deal. We will also collect signatures with a physical petition. We have begun with this electronic one so that we can reach people all over the nation. The petition is at the following:,, and Please sign the petition, help us bring back the Code, and save the arts in America!

Follow us to bring back the Code and save the arts in America!

2 thoughts on “Petition to Bring Back the Code in Hollywood!

  1. thank you for the great service you are doing for our youth especially and for viewers of all ages who believe that the “filth” coming out of Hollywood needs
    strict control..keep up your good work. jo shinkle

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    • Dear Jo,

      Thank you so much for your comment. We sincerely appreciate your concerned and considerate remarks. I will send you an email with an invitation to follow our website. I hope you will choose to follow. Thank you for your involvement and concern for our nation’s future!


      Tiffany and Rebekah Brannan


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