Write to the Studios!

We believe that you must contact the source. Only the studios can change Hollywood by readopting the Code. We have written a letter which will be sent to the seven major studios weekly from PEPS. It is below:

To whom it may concern:

My name is Tiffany Brannan, and I represent the Pure Entertainment Preservation Society (PEPS). We are greatly concerned about the content of films today. Our goal is to reinstate the Motion Picture Production Code of 1930. We believe that the greatest films in history were made during the time when Joseph Breen strictly enforced the Code. It would be a timely and profitable decision on your part to readopt the Code. Allow me to present a scenario about the possible outcome of your interest in discussing our concerns and goals for the future. First, however, I will tell you how the return of the Code would benefit you.

The biggest problem with modern films is the rating system. The MPPAA replaced the Production Code Administration (PCA) in 1968 when the Code officially ended. It does not censor, though; it only warns the public about a film’s content. Not one of the top twenty films in 2015 was rated G. In fact, most of them were rated R. This means that many children did not attend your biggest films. Also, many conservative adults refuse to patronize films with harsher ratings than PG. Consider, in contrast, the huge increase in audiences which would result from a policy such as the Code. All films would be acceptable to every audience member. Your audiences would at least double in size! Also, special effects done by computers are costly and time-consuming. If you returned to more old-fashioned film techniques, less editing and modern technology would be needed. Films could be released in half the time, meaning that the studio could make twice as many films per year. This would also mean a huge increase in profits. You probably think that prurience sells tickets and provides the most profitable synopses. The highest-earning film of all time was Gone with the Wind from 1939. It was a Code compliant film, and it made 14 billion dollars when adjusted for inflation. This four hour film is a powerful drama which explores very serious subjects while obeying the Code’s strict and specific rules. This shows that Mr. Breen’s enforcement of the Code did not produce only cheery comedies and musicals. It produced every genre of film; it simply prevented obscenity, impropriety, and libertinism from appearing in films. Family film attendance was huge under the Code.

If you decided to reinstate the Code, we would call a meeting of the executives from all the major motion picture studios. We would discuss any proposed amendments and revisions to the Code. When we had agreed on a set of rules which pleased everyone, the studios would officially adopt the New Code. A new organization for enforcing the Code would be founded. Since it would be formed after the PCA, which was headed by Breen during the Code’s effective years, we would call it the New Production Code Administration (NPCA). Our president, James Brannan, would be the administrator, following Joseph Breen’s example. All the studios would sign a contract which would consummate their agreement to abide by the Code, since the NPCA would have to give every film the seal of approval before its release. Within six months to a year, the full effect of Hollywood’s self-censorship would again be seen. I personally guarantee that within a year of the Code’s readoption you would see a significant increase in your audiences. I have never heard of someone being offended by a lack of obscenity, but many people are offended by its presence.

In 2017 a new president is taking office for the first time in eight years. Change is in the air. Hollywood must not remain behind it; you must spearhead it! This nation is ready for something new. Something must pull America out of its long recession. When the Code first came, our nation was in the Great Depression, and President Roosevelt said we needed a New Deal. In 2017 we need the opposite. We need an Old Deal! Hollywood alone can start a nationwide movement of change. With a renewed interest in vintage society, culture, and lifestyles, the Code would be most timely. Don’t wait until Donald Trump forces censorship on you; change first!

Please write back to us via mail and our email address of cottage.caretakers@yahoo.com and call us at 951-659-2688. Visit at our website at https://pureentertainmentpreservationsociety.wordpress.com. Only you can bring back the Code, get an Old Deal, and save America!


Tiffany Brannan, Co-Founder and Public Relations Manager of PEPS

Please use this as a guide for your own letters to the studios.  We need many people to contact the studios to make a dramatic effect. Let your voice be heard. The studios cannot ignore the public, for we are their audience.

Follow us to bring back the Code and save the arts in America!

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