Go to the Source!

We have discussed writing to the editor as a good way to spread the news about the New Deal. This is not enough, though. We must go right to source of the trouble: Hollywood! Filmmakers are not artists but business people and financiers. They want to make money, as do the owners of any business. We must show them that they will make more money by bringing back the Code.

On Friday we called MGM, Universal, Warner Bros, Paramount, Fox, Sony, and Disney. We left messages saying that we represented the Pure Entertainment Preservation Society. Then we began asking for the presidents of the companies. We spoke to the secretaries of the heads of all the studios. We then called the Motion Picture Association of America. At all these places we left messages with the secretaries of prominent people, saying that we represented this society and wanted to discuss censorship and film content in Hollywood. Every person promised to have the president return our call.

We, like most people, assumed that it is impossible to speak with the heads of major film companies without an appointment or distinction. We have discovered, however, that this is not true. If you call the telephone numbers found on the different companies web sites, you will usually be connected to an operator, who will gladly connect you to anyone to whom you ask to speak. If one speaks with authority, Hollywood will not doubt that he has it.

We are going to write to the studios via their online contact forms and provided email addresses. We are also going to send weekly letters to the studios. The companies promised to return our calls. If they have not responded by next Friday, we will call again. We will continue to persist until our goal is accomplished. It will be difficult alone, though. We ask you to join us in our demonstration of displeasure to Hollywood so that it will be dramatic. We will track our progress in this endeavor in comments to this article. Please notate any communication you make to Hollywood in the same way. If we join together, we must succeed!

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